what is the Rotogravure (intaglio) printing?

What is the Rotogravure (intaglio) printing?

Roto gravure line diagram
Roto gravure line diagram

Printing process where we using roto (mean rototation)press with image area is etched on cylinder surface
here we separate image area and non image area physically. image area depth on cylinder and non- image area
upper surface. like offset here we makes cylinder not plates. speed of that type of printing process is very
high for long print runs jobs like magazine and stamps, book food packaging wrapper etc.


What is rotogravure printing used for?

Flexible Pouches
Flexible Pouches printed by roto gravure

Intaglio printing process which specially use for commercial production of flexible pouch,book,magazines,bags
that process is specialy suitable for packaging flexible printing. because of its image quality is aesthetic
And very sharpe image can be printed. in india same company also used this printing process for printing books
Paper printing,karft paper.


What type of ink is used for rotogravure printing?

A nitrocellulose based gravure ink suitable for printing on paper.


How do I know what gravure to print?

magnifired image
magnifired image

Due to cylinder image area carrier – halftones ,line work, and type
we can easly identification of gravure by its serrated edges (sharp image)all around the image.
we need magnification glass for identification of image.


What is an advantage of gravure?

Due to its machine speed of gravure printing process is extremely high we can quickly print
Desire quantity 15meter of film per second can be printed by modern machine infect old machine also
Can printed 14meter per second paper of film roll like KBA, CERUTTI machine.


Who invented gravure printing?

Karel Klíč (1841-1926)
inventor of gravure printing process

Karel Klíc was discovered 1890 .he also descovered heliogravure is based on copper engraving.


Interesting fact about gravure printing process?

*45feet (14m) per second can be printed by modern printing machine and million four-color pages per hour.
superior printing process.

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